Coal tar Sealer has a great advantage over asphalt Sealer in that Coal tar coatings hold up better under exposures of petroleum oils and inorganic acids. Another outstanding quality of Coal Tar Coatings is their extremely low permeability to moisture and there high dielectric resistance, both of which contribute to the corrosion resistance. Make sure you ask your driveway sealing Company what sealer they use the alternative is asphalt sealer which is thinner and will not protect your driveway from gas or oil leaks.
Asphalt pavement is a mixture of graded stone aggregate and asphalt. The asphalt is the binder or glue that holds the pavement together. If left unprotected, asphalt is subject to degradation from oxidation and water penetration. Ultraviolet rays from the sun begin to break down the asphalt binder, changing the pavement surface color from black to gray. Gas, oil and other petrochemicals will dissolve the asphalt binder, causing holes and raveling. If cracks are present in your driveway or parking lot, water will begin to erode the base beneath the asphalt, causing the cracks to enlarge and eventually causing base failure.
What causes asphalt pavement to fail?
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Benefits of Coal Tar Sealer
  Sealcoating is an excellent choice to protect your asphalt investment, essentially protecting the parking lot from the elements and chemicals it is exposed to everyday. We use only top-of- the-line Sealcoat Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer when seal coating any job, large or small. We adhere to strict standards with proper amounts of washed silica sand that provide added traction and longevity to the seal finish. We also add Top Tuff a sealer  enhancer, to increase the lifespan and luster of the finish. We pride ourselves in taking great measures to insure a uniform mixture arrives at the work site by transporting the sealer in steel,  agitated tanks which ensures a consistent, long lasting application.
Commercial Sealcoating
Custom Sealing & Pressure Washing uses the most innovative products available including hot pour Crack-Master rubberized parking lot sealant. Unlike cold-pour sealants, Crack-Master is applied at 350°F and is ready for traffic within 2 hours. This commercial grade crack sealant will not track into your business and flexes easily with the asphalt. After application, Crack-Master will stay in place through several seasons. When cracks start to develop in your pavement.
Hot Crack Fill
Cracks are a pavement's way of telling you maintenance is needed. Cracks that are left open allow moisture to easily penetrate into the pavement sub base and start to compromise its integrity. Sealing cracks is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your pavement in a serviceable condition for a much longer time.
Give Use A Call Or Click The Link Below and we will sent a Field Manager out to inspect your parking lot and make a no-charge recommendation for maintenance or repairs. As with most things, a little money spent early on can reduce expenditures down the road.
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